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Month: September 2018

Sofa Cleaning Dawlish

Get Ready for Autumn, With Rogers Cleaning

After an extremely long and unpleasant winter, which seemed like it might go on forever, we have actually been rewarded with one of the nicest summers in recent times. The sun has shone down on the good folk of Exeter, Newton Abbot, and the rest of England’s Southwest. Long may it continue! It’s a simple…
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Sofa cleaning Dawlish

Our Famous Four Step Upholstery Cleaning Method, Explained

We think it’s fair to say that we live in a… disposable world nowadays. For better or worse, the years of “Make Do and Mend” – a legacy of the Second World War – are long behind us. In the modern world, if something starts to look a bit worn-down or generally worse for wear,…
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office carpet cleaning Dawlish

How Often Should You Get Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

There’s no doubting that carpeting is a great choice for any commercial premises. Whether it’s being used in a school, nursery, hotel or health surgery, a lovely carpet gives an oh-so-inviting impression of warmth and wellbeing. For that reason, amongst its other indisputable benefits, we tend to see plenty of businesses all around the Southwest…
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How Often Should You Order Hard Floor Cleaning?

Over the course of the last couple of decades, hard flooring has become an increasingly popular option, in both homes and businesses. We don’t have any hard facts to back that up, but we have noticed a significant upturn in how often we get booked in for hard floor cleaning, here at Rogers Cleaning Services!…
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