Carpet cleaning Teignmouth

Carpet Cleaning Teignmouth

Welcome to Rogers Carpet cleaning Teignmouth.

Offering Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Teignmouth, I am here to make your carpets look great and smell lovely again.

 I have been in the carpet cleaning industry for well over 20 years cleaning carpets and upholstery in and around Teignmouth.

My environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning process means that my business is focused on sofa and carpet cleaning to the highest standards in and around the Teignmouth area

Importantly, I do this without causing damage to your carpets or the environment.

I am incredibly passionate about our carpet cleaning service which is borne out by hundreds of our carpet and upholstery cleaning clients in Teignmouth booking us year on year.

And kindly leaving us great carpet cleaning reviews on Google and social media.

There is no carpet issue that I haven’t seen before.

So don’t think that your carpet is beyond cleaning.

It’s not and I will get your carpets and upholstery looking great and smelling fresh again.

Furthermore, my effective carpet stain removal techniques means that your carpet or sofa will look great again.

I offer the best carpet cleaning Teignmouth at local prices.

And I guarantee all of our work.

How to choose a local carpet cleaner in Teignmouth

It’s hard to find trustworthy tradesmen these days.

And choosing a local carpet cleaner is no different.

But it is important to try to get a professional quallified carpet cleaner.

We have over twenty years experience cleaning the carpets and upholstery for our clients in Teignmouth.

And during that time we have invested heavily in carpet cleaning training and the art of cleaning the fine fabrics you will find on your sofa.

Our customers have come to appreciate the extra service we give all our clients whe we are carpet cleaning Teignmouth

Getting your carpets cleaning by us is a great choice because of the huge range of experience we have with all sorts of carpet fibres.

It’s really important to have your carpets and soft furnishings cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner to avoid all the problems that happen using untrained and inexperienced people.

Carpet cleaning Teignmouth is no different from anywhere else. Carpets get dirty!

We deep clean all that dust and grit that comes in on pets and peoples feet.

And in through open doors and windows.

All of this grit and bacteria gets to the bottom of the carpet fibres.

And every time you walk across the carpet the carpet sharp grit rubs against the carpet fibres, cutting into them a bit more.

It acts like sandpaper, and eventually cuts through the strand and another piece of you carpet is gone.

That’s where that bald patch on the carpet comes from!

Vacuuming on it’s own does not get this grit out.

It need high power professional carpet cleaning equipment.

We have all this equipment, and we know how to use it best effect.


Professional carpet cleaning service in Teignmouth

We only use professional carpet and upholstery cleaning products when carpet cleaning Teignmouth 

We do not use harsh chemicals that will damage your carpets and sofas.

Sadly, some people still do, and this really reduces the life of your carpets and soft furnishings.

The chemicals can severely weaken the material and carpet fibres and they just don’t last after that sort of carpet cleaning!

We take care of your carpets and help make them last much longer. and looking great at the same time.

A professionally cleaned carpet is good for your health too.

Carpets and upholstery hold huge amounts of dander in the fibres and fillings.

It’s just a fact of life that pollen and traffic fumes come in through doors and windows.

This concentration is not good for your lungs. But we get all that out for you leaving your home a fresh healthy environment to live in.

Rogers cleaning service Carpet cleaning Teignmouth.

Carpet cleaning expert Teignmouth 

Looking for a carpet cleaning expert in Teignmouth?

First of all. What is the definition of an expert carpet cleaner?

According to the dictionary, It’s a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area.

My area of specific knowledge is carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning.

And for well over 20 years I have invested time and money attending specialized carpet cleaning training to make sure that I am the very best my clients can get.

This means that you don’t have to worry about your carpet shrinking. And you don’t have to worry about damaging chemicals being used on your expensive carpets.

You can rest assured that I know and understand the difference between the carpet fibres.

And how to clean them safely and effectively.

I will not shrink your carpet. And I will not use damaging chemicals that remain in the carpet potentially hurting children and pets.

Carpet and upholstery stain and pet odour removal treatment service

Carpet stains are just a fact of life if you have carpets.

But you don’t have to put up with them.

I can remove a wide range of stains on the carpet and from your sofas.

I also offer a first class leather upholstery cleaning service to keep your leather sofa looking fantastic.

Pet stains on the carpet can be exceedingly difficult to remove.

Furthermore, pet urine odours and stains need specialised products and carpet stain removal techniques to be removed.

I have extensive training in pet odour and stain removal in Teignmouth. And I will get rid of that nasty urine or pet odour that your don’t want to live with, and don’t want your visitors to smell.

The main thing with stains is not to try to remove them yourself.

Shop brought products, or the famous ‘You tube’ carpet stain remedies can damage your carpet or sofa beyond repair.

Many shop brought carpet stain removal products have all sorts of chemicals and bleaches in. These chemicals can permanently remove the colour from your carpet and even rot the fibres leading to bald patches very quickly.

Furthermore, they leave a sticky residue that attracts dust and soil turning the patch dirty looking again.

This just compounds the problem.

Any products used in carpet stain removal must be flushed and made pH neutral using the right carpet cleaning equipment.

Leaving those chemicals in the carpet can lead to issues that people do not think about.

For example, a small child or pet cat or dog may step on the patch. Whether it is dry or not a chemical transfer can occur, which burns.

Pets especially will lick that burn, transferring it to their mouths.

Leave it to me. I will deal with your carpet and upholstery stains for you.

When you need Carpet Cleaning Teignmouth just call, Whatsapp me or email me.

Frequently asked questions FAQ's

Your carpets should not get dirty quickly after cleaning.

If they do, it's because the carpet cleaner used the wrong carpet cleaning products and the wrong cleaning method to clean your carpet.

How often you need to clean your carpets depends on foot fall and whether you have pets or young children.

With a lot of traffic like dogs or young children running about you might look at twice a year for the stairs and living room.

And once a year for bedrooms.



Your carpet should not shrink post cleaning.

If it does, the carpet cleaner has used the wrong method of cleaning for your type of carpet.

Carpets of certian backing material will shrink due to too much water being used.

There are various methods of carpet cleaning that avoids this issue.

A trained carpet cleaning expert will know about this.

And carry out tests before deciding which method and products he or she will use to clean your carpet.


I clean all the carpets and upholstery myself.

I do not employ anybody else to clean my clients carpets and sofas.

When I do it, I know it's the best results possible.

Yes, I do remove pet odours and stains.

I am highly trained in advanced stain removal.

And pet odours are my speciality.

Furthermore, I don't mask the smells. I remove them with professional odour removal products that are designed specifically to remove unwanted smells.

Yes, I offer a first class leather upholstery cleaning in Teignmouth.

Revitalize Your Carpets with Rogers Carpet Cleaning in Teignmouth

Revitalize Your Carpets with Rogers Carpet Cleaning in Teignmouth

Keeping your carpets clean is essential for maintaining a fresh and inviting home.

Rogers Carpet Cleaning in Teignmouth understands the importance of a spotless carpet and offers first class carpet cleaning services to residents of Teignmouth and the surrounding areas.

Our expertise in carpet cleaning is unparalleled, ensuring your carpets look and feel like new.

Expertise in Carpet Cleaning

At Rogers Carpet Cleaning, we are highly skilled professionals who are experts in the art of carpet cleaning.

We utilize industry-leading techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a thorough and effective clean for your carpets.

Our approach involves understanding the unique requirements of your carpets and tailoring our cleaning process to suit them.

Our knowledge and experience in the field enable us to handle various types of carpets, fabrics, and stains.

Whether it’s removing stubborn stains, eliminating odours, or restoring the vibrancy of your carpet’s colours, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding results.

A Deep Dive into Our Services

Our carpet cleaning service in Teignmouth encompasses a comprehensive process designed to bring out the best in your carpets.

We begin with a thorough inspection to assess the condition of your carpets and identify any specific problem areas.

This enables us to choose the most suitable cleaning techniques and solutions.

Next, we meticulously pre-treat stains and high-traffic areas.

Our eco-friendly and industry-approved cleaning solutions effectively break down dirt, grime, and stains without causing harm to your carpets or the environment.

We use hot water extraction, a proven method, to extract the dirt and cleaning solution, leaving your carpets refreshed and revitalized.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to providing exceptional customer satisfaction.

Our dedication to quality service is reflected in our attention to detail and our unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We prioritize communication, ensuring you are informed throughout the entire process.

Our aim is to leave your carpets not only impeccably clean but also looking and feeling rejuvenated.

We believe in transparency and fair pricing, with no hidden costs.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to achieve it with every carpet we clean.

Serving Teignmouth and Beyond for carpet and sofa cleaning

Rogers Carpet Cleaning is proud to serve Teignmouth and the surrounding areas for carpet and upholstery cleaning

We understand the unique carpet cleaning needs of this community and are dedicated to providing tailored solutions.

Our local presence allows us to respond promptly to your carpet cleaning requirements, delivering convenience and reliability.

Book Your Carpet Cleaning Teignmouth Today

Investing in professional carpet cleaning enhances the appearance and longevity of your carpets.

Rogers Carpet Cleaning in Teignmouth offers unmatched expertise in carpet cleaning, ensuring your carpets receive the care they deserve.

Contact us today to book your carpet cleaning service and experience the difference of a truly clean carpet.

Let us transform your carpets and elevate the ambiance of your home.

Read my carpet cleaning reviews going back years

Jon did a brilliant job .. it's the second time we used him and we will do so again !
Ian Awcock
Ian Awcock
18:58 20 Feb 24
Jon did a great job of cleaning our hall, stairs and landing carpet including getting rid of a large stain. Many thanks
Hayley Jones
Hayley Jones
18:37 22 Nov 23
Excellent service. Jon has worked wonders on some very sad looking carpets in the house I have just bought. I thought I would have to replace them. But Jon has transformed them today. I hadn’t realised he also cleaned hard floors too so once everything is unpacked will be booking him to come sort the pm out too. Highly recommended, great service. Thank you Jon.
21:18 07 Nov 23
Really thorough and effective service. Has given our sofas a second life!
Tom Stenner-Evans
Tom Stenner-Evans
07:05 06 Oct 23
We’ve been in our new build house for seven years now and the carpets were beginning to look a little grubby and warn in some places. Jon came and gave us a quote which we were happy with. On the agreed date and time he arrived with all his professional equipment. It took most of the day to complete the work ( 3 bedrooms, landing, stairs, hallway and living room) all rooms were dry and usable afterwards. We were delighted with the results which exceeded expectations. Very happy to recommend.
David Nash
David Nash
08:47 05 Oct 23
I had never used a professional carpet cleaner before. My carpet is light, was quite grubby after moving in after 3 years and a few dog sick marks and dark marks on the stair treads. Well, it’s like a new carpet, SO PLEASED with the result!!Jon is nice to have around, worked very hard and I left him in the house on his own for over 3 hours, very trustworthy too. I’ll definitely be using his service again. Thank you Jon 😁😁
Fran Miller
Fran Miller
16:48 07 Sep 23
Carpets cleaned throughout house , excellent standard of work, arrived at agreed time ,work was completed in detail and not rushed, house was left spotless after completion,in fact you would never had have known he's been here other than the spotless carpets.Many thanks,will definitely use again.
John Ball
John Ball
09:23 12 Aug 23
Very professional. Recommend. ThanksSusan Hudson
Alison Whitehead
Alison Whitehead
12:06 14 Jul 23
We were really impressed. The hall and stair carpets in the communal area of the flats we own and let was very dirty, so much so that we thought we would have to replace it even though it was not worn. We asked Jon to some and see if he thought he could get it clean and he said yes. He did an absolutely brilliant job and has saved us the cost of buying new carpets and rugs. As we don't live at the property he fitted in with when we were next coming to Devon and even did the work on a Saturday which was over and above what we had imagined he would do. We would certainly recommend him. We would have him again when needed for any of the services he offers.Not only did he do such a good job, he is a lovely person to deal with.
gail mclintock
gail mclintock
09:40 18 May 23
The carpets look like new following the thorough clean provided by this company. I would highly recommend this professional service.
Colin Marshall
Colin Marshall
14:57 13 May 23
Jon was professional, thorough and trustworthy. He's done an amazing job cleaning all of our upholstery, really giving it a new lease of life. I wouldn't hesitate asking him back or recommending him to others! If I need any other jobs done I'll be calling him first. Thanks again Jon!
Faye White
Faye White
09:41 08 Feb 23
Having recently moved home, we booked Jon in to come and clean our carpets. All I can say is wow! Jon was extremely professional and helpful. He was very flexible and caring around a family emergency, even with a very early call to change plans! The carpets came up incredible, and Jon went the extra mile with meticulous care ensuring everything was perfect and furnishing returned. Would 100% recommend Jon to anyone wishing to have their carpets clean and would definitely use him again. Once again, thank you so much! 🙂
Jasmine Ball
Jasmine Ball
20:22 05 Jan 23
Jon was prompt, professional, and my carpets looked brand new after the cleaning.I have no hesitation in recommending his services and will definitely use his services again.
Susan Lloyd
Susan Lloyd
18:41 28 Nov 22
Was extremely happy with the service provided and would definitely use this company again. The rugs and carpets looked and felt so much better.A. George
Ann George
Ann George
11:29 03 Nov 22
A very punctual service provided by Jon, a noticeable difference in the carpets and hard floors. Recommended
Chris Horlock
Chris Horlock
20:04 02 Nov 22
Excellent service received from Rogers Cleaning Service. I used them for an end of tenancy house. Carpets looked brand new. So I used him again a week later in my new home. This is the first time I have had carpets cleaned with Jon and I find him very professional, punctual, responsive, thorough, good value and very friendly. I would highly recommend this company. Thanks Jon!
06:44 30 Jul 22
Couldnt ask for more from Rogers Cleaning Services. I was having a problem with dots on my carpets. No matter what I tried i couldnt get them off. One call and the carpet looks like new again.
James Miller
James Miller
07:46 08 Jun 22
Our carpets are 12 years old and had been cleaned twice before but this service was very good and the end product is better than the previous 2 efforts. I appreciated the way Jon worked and would thoroughly recommend him as a carpet cleaner
Mary Trim
Mary Trim
20:23 11 Feb 22
What an excellent service , a very nice chap and worked relentlessly .Very pleased with the result , I have , what looks like , a new corner unit .I'd seriously recommend Jon and his company to anyone , great job done and worth every penny , so much so , he's coming back to clean my floors .
Laurie Morrison
Laurie Morrison
20:11 07 Feb 22
An excellent job, thankyou!
he beaufoy
he beaufoy
17:04 13 Dec 21
The service Jon provides is simply first-class. I have had all the carpets in my house cleaned on a number of occasions. The whole operation is sleek and efficient, leaving my home transformed and Jon is such a friendly helpful person to deal with. I have already recommended his services to others, some of whom are not local to Dawlish.
Stephen Barriball
Stephen Barriball
11:18 05 Nov 21
We have a busy house with a dog. Normally we change our downstairs front room carpet every few years. John was recommended by a trusted carpet salesman and he most certainly lived up to his reputation. Carpets have come up immaculate. Would highly recommend.
mark salter
mark salter
19:55 04 Nov 21
We have used Rogers Cleaning Services for all the carpets in our house for many years and have always been totally delighted with their work. Friendly, happy and extremely competent. All done with little or no fuss and disruption. Totally reliable and reasonably priced. Thank you.
Charlotte Sliney
Charlotte Sliney
05:41 09 Aug 21
Arrived at appointed time very pleased with results and I will use them again
22:00 26 May 21
Jon has been doing our carpets both in our business and home for about the last 20 years. His work is very professional and very friendly, our carpets in our home were done last week and they look like new. I would definitely recommend Jon to anyone. In fact thank you Jon for doing a good job last week, delighted with the carpets.
Marie Dawson
Marie Dawson
21:32 09 Mar 21
Very friendly, reliable, reasonably priced and an excellent carpet clean!
Claire Paine
Claire Paine
18:13 01 Mar 21
I used Rogers Cleaning Service for an end of tenancy carpet clean throughout the home - the results were excellent, great value and more importantly completed on time. Jon is a professional and very friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone and will definitely use again.
Paul Hamilton
Paul Hamilton
20:11 03 Dec 20
I can thoroughly recommend Rogers Cleaning Service. Jon turned up spot on time on the day arranged and worked hard throughout the day leaving my carpets and three piece suite looking really good. I was very pleased with the result and the professional way in which Jon tackled the job. I will certainly use Rogers Cleaning Service again.
Gillian McAlister
Gillian McAlister
14:57 10 Nov 20
Our carpets badly needed pleased with the difference. Jon worked hard, enjoyed a cuppa and a chat and was very professional.
Anne Landricombe
Anne Landricombe
10:41 28 Aug 20
Highly recommend . *****
Tim Mason
Tim Mason
13:20 31 May 20
Jon was very friendly, professional and I didn't have to lift a finger. The equipment he used left the carpet beautifully clean and even removed a couple of ground in stains. Great service, highly recommended.
Peter Burrows
Peter Burrows
13:14 06 Feb 20
The service was excellent. Both carpets were cleaned very well ,exactly as asked for. Punctual ,friendly and personal service. I would certainly recommend Rogers Cleaning Service.
Wendy Waites
Wendy Waites
17:09 25 Jul 19
Roger was extremely friendly and professional and crucially carried out an excellent job of removing Staines on our beige sofa which we failed to do our selves.High recommend using his cleaning services!
Alex Cresswell
Alex Cresswell
07:03 20 Jul 19
Very pleased with the work provided by the Rogers Cleaning Services. The carpet on our stairs had not be cleaned for eight years but came up as good as new. The service provided was very professional. no damage caused to any of the furniture and the work made a significant difference and will hopefully increase the longevity of the carpets.
Matt Bryan
Matt Bryan
21:05 09 Jul 19
This is the second time Rogers Cleaning Service have cleaned our carpets. They are always very friendly and professional.Equipped with the latest powerful equipment and years of experience the finished results are very good. They take great care to protect walls furniture and paintwork where they are working.We would be confident to recommend Rogers Cleaning Service to friends and family.
Joe Dyer
Joe Dyer
12:18 13 Jun 19
Excellent experience with from start to finish. Fitted me in at short notice, competitive quote, even picked up and dropped off keys from a different address. A pleasure to deal with, Jon is very friendly & personable, nothing seems too much trouble. Fantastic result on my old carpets. Would highly recommend.
Julie Whittaker
Julie Whittaker
19:28 15 May 18
Rogers cleaning had a challenge when they arrived at my property I had just moved in, the carpets were very dated I mean very old 60's I had guests arriving and called on Rogers cleaning to do their best and they did, although not my choice of carpet at least I know they are clean very happy with the high quality of their work, would certainly recommend them, thank you Jon for your help
Sylvia Leadbetter
Sylvia Leadbetter
08:56 12 Apr 18
Very professional, friendly, helpful and polite service. On time, on schedule and to the quotation. Have used Jon twice now and been amazed by the results both times. Would heartily recommend his services.
P miller
P miller
12:10 10 Apr 18
First rate service cleaning our landing and staircase carpet after problemwith loft ladder installation. John Rogers the consumate professional who, uniquely in our experience of many workmen and respectful of your home, changes his outdoor shoes into indoor clean footwear as soon as he steps inside your property. Most appreciated! Many thanks, John. Recommend most highly.
erskine fobine
erskine fobine
16:58 23 Sep 17
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