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How Often Should You Order Hard Floor Cleaning?

Over the course of the last couple of decades, hard flooring has become an increasingly popular option, in both homes and businesses. We don’t have any hard facts to back that up, but we have noticed a significant upturn in how often we get booked in for hard floor cleaning, here at Rogers Cleaning Services!

It’s not hard to see why this has happened. Hard floors don’t just look great; they’re also significantly easier to maintain than other floor types, like carpeting. That said, you still can’t afford to neglect them. If you do, then dirt, grime and scuffs will build up over time, and – eventually – you might need the whole floor replacing, at great expense.

That doesn’t sound very appealing to us! Fortunately, avoiding this is as easy as hiring a professional hard floor cleaning company – like Rogers Cleaning Services – who operate in places like Teignmouth, Newton Abbott, and elsewhere in the Southwest. By booking in regular cleaning, you’ll reduce the risk of any drastic measures being necessary, and help your home or business to look much nicer.

The tricky part, of course, is knowing how often to get professional hard floor cleaning. It’s tough to find the balance between keeping your floors looking spic and span, and not spending too much money.

Well, Rogers Cleaning Services have been cleaning hard floors for over 25 years now, so we’d comfortably say that we’re experts in this field! In our opinion, there are a few crucial factors which determine how often you should engage our services.

Firstly, are you interested in hard floor cleaning for a residential or commercial property? If the answer is “residential”, then immediately you’ll need professional cleaning less regularly. We’d still recommend ordering it twice a year at least, though, to ensure the long term health of your floors.

If you’re after hard floor cleaning for your business, then the biggest subsequent factor is the type of business you’re operating. If it’s something like a café or restaurant, then cleanliness and hygiene are obviously paramount. These businesses need professional hard floor cleaning the most frequently; we’d recommend booking it in once per month if possible.

If you’re running something like a typical office, which doesn’t rely so heavily on the impression it makes to visiting customers or clients, you can get away with less frequent hard floor cleaning. Once per quarter should do the trick. Again, though, do not neglect this service entirely. Even if you’re not trying to visually appeal to newcomers, having clean floors is a crucial part of maintaining a professional working environment for your employees.

So, those are the most basic factors to consider – whether you’re based in Teignmouth or Newton Abbott – when evaluating how often to order hard floor cleaning. If you’d like to know how often your specific home or business should be cleaned, however… then the best thing to do is to just get in touch with us and ask! To do just that, call 01626 864834, or send us a message here.

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