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Resolving Red Wine Stains - Rogers Cleaning Services
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Resolving Red Wine Stains

You and your spouse are enjoying a romantic afternoon together and you decided to open up the bottle of red-wine, when by accident it spills all over your brand new cream carpet and forms a nasty looking stain. What is the first thing you should do? That’s right! You should call in the professionals at Rogers Cleaning Service!

We here at Rogers Cleaning Service understand the intricate process of removing stains caused by red wine from your carpet. We are constantly striving to offer the best carpet cleaning service we can, so if you happen to spill wine on your carpet in Exeter, Topsham, Teignmouth, Ashburton and Bishopsteignton, give us a call to make it look like new again!

Before you call us, though, we recommend taking immediate action to the stained area so that the damage is minimised and the stain doesn’t get any worse:

First – Simply lay down a clean, white absorbent towel and blot the area to absorb the liquid as much as possible – do not rub back and forth (this will only rub the stain deeper into the fibre of your carpet), but instead press down firmly repeatedly. Where possible always work from the outside of the stain moving inward. This will help to avoid spreading.

Second – call us ASAP! Many stains are much easier to remove when they’re fresh, and wine stains are no exception. If left too long to dry in completely the stain will set & even with expert equipment and chemicals it may be impossible to fully remove, so don’t delay!

Third – don’t be tempted by supermarket carpet cleaning solutions and DIY tricks you find on the internet! There are dozens of different types of carpet fibres, hundreds of different types of dyes used in carpets, and thousands of different types of stains, so the “one solution for all” cleaning products often don’t work at all – and in many cases using the wrong chemical can actually make the stain worse, causing it to set permanently!

We have the professional training, the years of experience and the professional equipment needed to offer the best carpet stain removal in the area. So keep our number close by your phone because accidents happen and we are here to help!

If are ready to contact us and speak with one of our friendly, please call us at 01626 864834 or 07803 616192 !

We are standing by, ready to respond to your carpet cleaning emergency! Let us be the first responders to your carpet cleaning needs in Exeter, Topsham, Teignmouth, Ashburton and Bishopsteignton; we know you’ll be glad you did!

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