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How to Find the Best Dawlish Carpet Cleaner

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If you’ve never hired a Dawlish carpet cleaner before, the process can seem quite daunting. How do you know which carpet cleaner is the best?

How do you know they will complete the job to your standards? Well, there are quite a few factors that you can prioritize when you search for a Dawlish carpet cleaner. If you pay attention to these four things, we guarantee that you’ll find the best Dawlish carpet cleaner.

  1. Trustworthiness

The worst thing that you could do is hire a professional carpet cleaner that has no available reviews or customer testimonials. If you hire a professional that no one can vouch for, how do you know that they can do a good job? It’s crucial that you check the trustworthiness of a company before you hire them to do work on your home. Rogers Cleaning is a family run carpet cleaning business whose founders are Jon Barton and his father, Roger. You can tell by visiting their website that they care deeply about their customers and the services they provide, as they offer before and after pictures, as well as client testimonials. You can trust a company like Rogers Cleaning because the founders are completely transparent and honest about their journey and their services.

  1. Experience

If you want the job done right, hire someone who you know can deliver. Jon Barton has been working in the professional cleaning industry for his entire life, but has been doing so full-time for almost three decades! His father, Roger, has been in the business even longer. When hiring a professional Dawlish carpet cleaner, be sure that they have experience cleaning a variety of carpets and addressing a plethora of issues, such as severe stains and stubborn carpet odor. If you hire the most experienced candidate for the job, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. High-end cleaning tools

Unfortunately, some professional carpet cleaning companies advertise themselves as the best in the business, but they lack the proper cleaning products and tools to deliver high quality services. At Rogers Cleaning, we use high powered machinery to ensure that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly. We use the same tools to clean both residential and commercial carpets, so you can imagine how powerful this machinery is. With our high-end cleaning tools, we are prepared to tackle any carpet.

  1. Specialized Cleaning products

Many professional cleaning companies use harsh chemicals to remove stains from carpets. However, we know how harmful these chemicals can be, so we refuse to use them. Rogers Cleaning only uses eco-friendly cleaning products so you can safely breathe the air in your home and walk on your carpets. It’s important to abstain from using heavy chemicals in your home, especially if you have children or pets, as they can inhale the fumes and become ill. That is not something you’ll ever need to worry about with Rogers Cleaning.

If you’re looking to hire the best Dawlish carpet cleaner, look no further! Give Rogers Cleaning a call today.

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