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The Teignmouth Carpet Cleaner That Can Transform Your Carpets


The founders of Rogers Cleaning have been in the professional carpet cleaning business for almost three decades.

Although they offer hardwood floor and window cleaning in addition to carpet cleaning, their business began as a carpet cleaning business. The passion of Jon and his father Roger for cleaning carpets is unparalleled. Not only are they incredibly passionate about their craft, but they have extensive experience, too. There is no carpet issue that Jon and Roger haven’t seen before. However, you might be hesitant about hiring a professional Teignmouth carpet cleaner because you feel that your carpet is beyond help.

Maybe you’re considering ripping it up and starting all over again. While in some extreme cases this is the best option, it is rarely the case. Many homeowners who believe that their carpet can never be restored to its original glory have simply never hired an experienced professional carpet cleaner. So what qualifies Rogers Cleaning as the Teignmouth carpet cleaner who can transform your carpets?

Our keen attention to detail

When you work in the cleaning industry for 25 years, you quickly learn the importance of paying attention to details. When Rogers Cleaning services your home, you can rest assured that no stain on your carpet will be missed. In order to transform carpet, you must first rid it of all its flaws and imperfections. If you miss any stain or odor, your carpet will still look the same. Rogers Cleaning is the professional Teignmouth carpet cleaner that will never miss a spot!

Our dedication to customer satisfaction

Rogers Cleaning is completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer service. It is imperative the professional carpet cleaners listen to the needs and concerns of their customers. If they don’t, it is impossible to complete a job that the customer will be satisfied with. If you want to completely transform your carpets, make sure you hire a Teignmouth carpet cleaner who truly cares about your and your needs.

Our testimonials

As a professional Teignmouth carpet cleaner, we find it important to feature client testimonials and before/after pictures on our website. Potential customers can see for themselves the incredibly carpet transformations that we have already performed and how many customers were completely satisfied. If that doesn’t convince you of our carpet cleaning abilities, we don’t know what will!

If you want to learn more about how Rogers Cleaning is the Teignmouth carpet cleaner that can transform your carpets, reach out today! We would be happy to chat with you about your options and offer you a comprehensive assessment. You can reach us through the contact form available on our website, by telephone or through our Facebook page.

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