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Month: June 2016

floor cleaning Lustleigh

Regular cleaning is not always sufficient.

Regular cleaning is not always sufficient. In fact, mopping and cleaning your floors with some products may create residue, build up, and even discolouration, especially on uneven, riven flooring. That is why hiring a professional to keep your hard flooring in your home or business is the best choice. If you live in Exeter, Topsham,…
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Carpet cleaning Dawlish

Get that stain removed from your carpet FAST!

There are some emergencies that everyone reacts to immediately; an injury, a fire or a flood for example – but have you ever considered a spill or stain to be a carpet cleaning emergency that needs to be remedied without delay? The feeling of urgency may be a little less – but it is still…
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The hidden dangers of DIY carpet cleaners

While supermarket or DIY stain removing products are marketed as the cheap, easy and effective alternative to hiring a professional carpet cleaner, we never recommend using them, even just for treating stains or small spills, and here are just a few reasons why: Firstly, and most importantly – using the wrong chemical on the wrong…
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