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Hard Flooring Needs Professional Cleaning Too!

There are a whole host of benefits to having hard flooring, whether it’s in your home, outside your home, or at your business premises. The most obvious, of course, is that it looks so good! It doesn’t matter whether it’s tiles in your kitchen, natural stone on your patio, or wooden flooring in your office;…
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Kick Off Your Spring Cleaning In Style, With Rogers Cleaning Services!

Well, we really hope we’re not jinxing it by saying this, but it finally seems as if spring has come to the Southwest! The temperatures are rising, there’s slightly less rain, and the sun is shining down once again on Exeter, Teignmouth, Topsham, and elsewhere in our beautiful corner of the country. At this time…
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Sofa cleaning Dawlish warren

How Often Should You Get Your Upholstery Cleaned?

There are few better feelings in the world than getting a brand new set of furniture. It’s an expense, sure, but we’d argue that it’s one that’s totally worth it. It somehow completely rejuvenates not only your living room, but your entire home. It looks fantastic – all clean and new – and when you…
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Carpet cleaning Dawlish

Rejuvenate Your Business This Spring, With Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We’re slightly hesitant to say it, because we really don’t want to jinx it, but it really seems as if… spring is here! After a long, hard, cold and wet winter, the sun has finally emerged again, and the temperatures have really started to pick up. This season – which has finally decided to join…
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Boat carpet cleaning Torquay

Rogers Cleaning Services – Teignmouth’s Number One Carpet Cleaners

Despite the rise in popularity of hard flooring in Teignmouth during recent years, carpets still remain extremely popular in both this terrific seaside town, and across the Southwest. Even though we’re extremely fond of hard flooring (hard floor cleaning is one of the main services we offer, after all!), we can still definitely see why…
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Carpet cleaning Bishopsteignton

Don’t Give Up On Your Carpets!

Carpets can bring so much to a home, whether in Teignmouth or elsewhere in England’s sumptuous Southwest. They give the rooms in which they’re situated a warmth that no other type of flooring – and few other things – can replicate. We don’t even mean that simply in terms of the cosy feeling which undoubtedly…
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window cleaning dawlish

Why You Need to Call the Professionals for Your Window Cleaning

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a growing tendency in one of the areas in which we carry out a lot of work: Teignmouth. For whatever reason, more and more people seem to be cleaning their own windows, instead of arranging for professional window cleaners in Teignmouth to come and do the job for…
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window cleaning teignmouth

Rogers Cleaning Services – Number One Window Cleaners in Teignmouth

There are a heck of a lot of window cleaning companies in the beautiful Southwest of England, and many of these outfits carry out plenty of work in the lovely seaside town of Teignmouth. We fall into this category ourselves, here at Rogers Cleaning Services. Without wishing to sound arrogant, however, we confidently believe that…
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How To Pick A Good Carpet Cleaning Company For Your Home

Whilst hard flooring might have become increasingly fashionable in recent years, there are still many, many people in Newton Abbot and across the Southwest with lovely carpeting in their homes. Here at Rogers Cleaning Services, we don’t care too much about what’s in fashion either way; the decoration of your own home is very much…
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How Clean Carpets Can Give Your Business A Boost

There’s undoubtedly a lot to like about having carpeting in your Newton Abbot work environment, whether it be an office, school, health surgery or any other kind of business. It lends the whole place an air of comfort and homeliness, and – as a far better insulator than hard flooring – can also help to…
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