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Aniline and Pigmented are the more common leathers used in furniture today. These two leathers are completely different and require slightly different cleaning procedures, which we can advise you on during survey.

More people are now choosing leather furniture for their homes and businesses. This still needs cleaning and maintaining professionally and correctly. Consumers are generally advised from retailers to clean leather with soap suds and leather wipes which will eventually dry out and damage the natural goodness of the leather. Direct sunlight and heat can also breakdown leather furnishings over a period of time so this should be avoided where possible.

Correct ProductsWhen the correct products and methods are used, leather furniture will keep a high level of appearance throughout its life, making it last longer than a fabric sofa. After cleaning, a protector should/will be applied to help nourish and protect the leather.

Nourished & ProtectedOur superior leather cleaning products, and cleaning system, offers a high level of dirt and stain removal leaving leather clean, nourished and protected.

I have attended my training with one of the UK’s leading specialist in Leather , LTT of Harrogate. Their products are one of the best on the market today and I choose to use these products as the results achieved are always very high. I always prefer to use the best products possible for my work.

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