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Month: July 2018


Why You Should Think Twice About Getting New Carpeting

From a homeowner’s perspective, there are few things that compare to the thrill of getting a whole new carpet in. Whether it’s in the lounge, dining room, or elsewhere in the house, the room immediately feels revitalised. It seems to have a new warmth and cosiness, and – of course – the carpeting looks fantastic.…
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An Innovative Approach to Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Whether you run your own company, or you’re in a position of influence at a larger outfit, to have made it this far you must have been aware of one of the fundamental rules of business: appearances are incredibly important. If you’ve got carpeting in your commercial premises here in the Southwest of England, then…
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The DIY Approach to Hard Floor Cleaning Doesn’t Work

The two main types of flooring – soft (i.e. carpeting) and hard – both have their advantages. In addition to its sleek and modern appearance, the most common reason that most people here in the Southwest opt to get hard flooring – whether in their homes or businesses – is because it’s supposed to be…
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Extend the Lifespan of Your Furniture, with Upholstery Cleaning

There are two main scenarios in which you might purchase new furniture for your living room. The first is, quite simply… that you want to! Whether you want to breathe new life into the room, or just think your old chairs and sofas are looking a little outdated, it can certainly be satisfying and exciting…
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