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Month: January 2018

office carpet cleaning Dawlish

How to Keep Your Office Carpets Clean

When you work in an office, no matter which company you work for, some things are always the same. The bathroom is always out of toilet paper, the sound of your boss speaking makes you nod off and the carpets are never completely clean. Whether you examine the carpets in the break room, bathroom or…
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wood floor

Brightening Your Hard Floors Made Easy

Are your hard floors looking a bit off lately? Maybe you’re starting to notice the dirt and grime that have gathered in the cracks or maybe you simply miss the shine your hard floors had when they were new. Whatever your qualms with your hard floors, your friendly Teignmouth cleaner, Rogers Cleaning, can help. A…
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Upholstery cleaning Shaldon

The Teignmouth Cleaner That Can Preserve Your Furniture 

Are you an antique furniture collector? The type of person who frequents estate sales and antique stores to find the perfect pieces for your collection? Or maybe you’re a single person who doesn’t spend much time at home, so your furniture sits in your living room collecting dust. Maybe you’re not like either of these…
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Carpet cleaning Dawlish

The Dangers of Dirty Carpets

Most of us label an area as “clean” if it appears free of dirt and grime. But how well can the human eye really see? And is the human eye the best way to measure the cleanliness of your home? Whether you have 20/20 vision or have been a glasses-wearer since your school days, your…
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