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Month: May 2017

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Call Roger’s Carpet Cleaning – The Premiere Carpet Cleaner in Exeter  

Are your carpets clean enough? Unless you’ve recently had them professionally deep cleaned, the answer is probably no. While surface stains may not frequent your carpet often, it’s the deep cleaning that matters for a true, satisfying carpet clean. Here at Roger’s Carpet Cleaners, we’ve been in the cleaning carpets in Exeter for years. Our…
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sofa cleaning Dawlish warren

Call the Best Carpet Cleaner in Teignmouth Today!

Have the winter months made your carpets and rugs look less than attractive? At Rogers Cleaning, we specialize in breaking life back into floor coverings of all types! We have been the go to carpet cleaner in Teignmouth for over 25 years, and are family owned and operated – always providing the best service possible.…
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Dawlish Carpet Cleaner Wants to Make Your Carpet Look Like New!

We walk on it every day, our kids play on it, and our pets sleep in it. With that in mind, when was the last time your carpets were deep cleaned? Lucky for you, Rogers Cleaning makes the job of Dawlish carpet cleaner easy and unforgettable. Rogers Cleaning has been in business for over two…
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